Thursday, 5 March 2015

Holiday Pirates : Low Cost Holidays - Norway

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Low Cost Holiday Destination: NORWAY

The magnificent panorama of the fjords, majestic snowy
mountains, tranquil lakes and valleys, pine-forested
wildernesses; all these and more await the visitor to this
country of outstanding natural beauty. No wonder
Norway has been one of the main beneficiaries of the
recent boom in tourism in Scandinavia. Jutting out into
the sea at the northernmost point of Europe, the country
has a frontier-like geography that seems reflected in its
people: proud, nationalistic and rather isolationist. 

The stereotypical images of Norway
are of lean, white-blond athletic people,
clean, crisp air, snow-covered forests
and vast expanses of mountains and
waterways stretching into the horizon.
All of these are true, but there is much
more to the country than the fjords that attract so many crowds every summer or
the ski resorts in winter.
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