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Holidays to Australia : Some Travel Info

Australia Travel :
Mountains, hills, and rocks
Australia's highest peaks are found in the Great Dividing Range - a
long chain of mountains running along the length of the east coast.
The Great Dividing Range includes several smaller ranges, such as
the Snowy Mountains in South Australia. There are a number of hill
ranges scattered over Australia. In the desert, the hills look much
higher than they really are, because they rise up suddenly from the
flat land.
One of Australia's most spectacular sights is Uluru (also known as
Ayers Rock). This giant rock is the world's largest single rock form
(or monolith). It is as tall as an 80-floor building.
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Uluru rises 335 metres (1,110 ft)
above the ground but this is only a
third of its total height. The rest
of the rock is underground.

Australian deserts
In the centre and west of the continent are many large deserts.
Most of these deserts are sandy. However, the Sturt Stony Desert
in Central Australia is flat and rocky. Some Australian deserts have
massive sand dunes stretching for up to 20 kilometres (12 miles).

Australia's lakes

Australia has very few large freshwater lakes. However, there are
several saltwater lakes south of the Simpson Desert. The largest
of these saltwater lakes is Lake Eyre, but it often dries out. During
the last century, Lake Eyre filled up with water just three times.
Lake Eyre in South Australia is the continent’s largest lake. Most of the
time, Lake Eyre is a vast salt marsh, but it fills with water after heavy rains.
The Great Barrier Reef
Running along the northeast coast of Australia is a long shelf of
coral under the sea. This coral shelf is known as the Great Barrier
Reef. Corals are small, water creatures whose skeletons form a
colourful, rocky structure. The Great Barrier Reef has built up very
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