Thursday, 27 March 2014

OnTheBeach Holidays

One of the best UK website for beach holidays is well known . I have reviewed few good travel sites on my webpage  and on the beach holidays was the best one in my opinion. They have many cheap holiday options to sunny destinations.

On the beach Destination: France

Most English and French people take their holidays
in August, when it is very hot. Many of
them like to leave the towns and cities
and go to the countryside or the
seaside for their holidays. People with
young children might visit a theme
park, like Disneyland Paris or Parc Asterix, both near Paris.

Over 9 million people live in
Paris. It is a big city. The Disneyland
Paris theme park is one-fifth of the total size of

Some French festivals are to do with
religion, but many are not Some festivals,
like Easter, are celebrated all over
France. Some are local celebrations,
often to do with farming or fishing.
A big French festival is Bastille Day, 1^
July. It celebrates the French Revolution
of 1789, which replaced kings with a
government chosen by the people.