Friday, 14 February 2014

Beach Holidays

Low cost Holidays to the Beach: Crete

Green tourism: Many holidaymakers
these days are exploring the island,
rather than simply frying on the
beach. Unfortunately at present, litis
often means driving in open-topped
four-wheel-drive hire cars. But the
beach holidays
advent of green tourism will perhaps
see more visitors taking to the
countryside on foot. The old shepherds'
paths are being way-marked,
better maps are in preparation, and
more information is being made
available. A long-distance path now
runs the full length of the island,
some 250km from end to end.
Conservation of Crete's wildlife is
slowly becoming recognised as a
priority, and villagers are being
encouraged to provide accommodation
for visitors who want to stay
with a family and discover more
about community life. For very cheap holidays to Crete, visit this Website to discover more about Beach Holidays and
Nothing reflects the raw incompatibility of tourism more than the brightness of its
colours. Multi-hued nylon jogging suits, fluorescent orange shorts, lipstick pink and luminous green
motor bikes jar with the subdued grey, brown, green and black of the Cretan landscape and the
village dwellers' clothing.

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